Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Instant Drying Rack

You'll be saddened to learn our dishwasher just isn't washing. We've given up on it while we look into options for our water softener, which may need to be replaced. We're certainly disheartened at the renewed lack of a dishwasher and the unhappy cost of another new appliance, but at least I figured out a trick to help manage our dishes as they dry.

I've realized our little dish rack wasn't really designed to hold a meal's worth of dishes. Cups right on a towel (right side up or upside down), of course, never seem to dry.

So I put a towel on the counter and added a cooling rack. Presto! Perfectly dry cups by morning!

Eventually, the dishwaser will return to service, but I plan to continue to use this little trick because we don't use the drying feature on the dishwasher. Why pay the electricity for something air can do? We just open up the dishwasher. If you catch it right at the end of a cycle, everything dries in the steam very quickly. If you miss it, though, the cups usually need a little bit longer and this rack is just the thing.

It works for me!