Monday, December 5, 2016

Saints on the Range

St. Athanasius, St. Anne, St. Maria Goretti, and St. Thomas Aquinas
All Saints Day has long passed, but I couldn't neglect to show Kansas Dad's handiwork. He oversaw the creation of all our costumes this year and went above and beyond for Second Son.

There he is at the far right as St. Thomas Aquinas. He's carrying the Summa, wearing two pillows to give the impression of a plumpness his scrawny frame lacks, and the crowning glory (pun totally intended), a tonsure with some brown coloring for the hair.

The judges at our parish's party were so impressed with Second Son's dedication to the cause with an actual hair cut, they awarded him the award for best boy costume. He was thrilled with his prize - a $10 gift card to one of his favorite stores.

He was so delighted with everyone's reaction, he insisted on keeping the tonsure for weeks. Kansas Dad finally convinced him to let us shave it off just before Thanksgiving in case we took some pictures (which we did not).

Friday, December 2, 2016

Second Daughter and the Gettysburg Address

Second Daughter was begging to do a written narration and I finally relented. I didn't realize she intended to use the laptop to type it up so I think it was a play for more screen time rather than an actual desire to write.

Nevertheless, she wrote an adequate paragraph for a second grader.
A, Lincoln was a busy man. He had lots of things to do. There were lots of people who wanted to shake hands with him. And there were also lots of people who had problems. Tad was his son. at least that was his nickname. it was war time and he had to make a speech for the dead soldiers. he did.