Sixth Grade, Third Grade, First Grade, and Prekindergarten

2015-2016 School Year Books and Resources
First Son - sixth grade, Mater Amabilis Level 3, Year 1
First Daughter - third grade, Mater Amabilis Level 1A, Year 2
Second Daughter - first grade, Mater Amabilis Level 1B
Second Son - prekindergarten and trouble-maker

  • Family Read Alouds - I try to choose from a variety of interest levels, alternating a book more for the older kids with one more for the younger ones. Most of the time, I'm amazed at how much they enjoy all of them. 
  • American History - Connecting with History volume 4 - We're finishing unit 4. I'll read some things aloud to all the kids and the older two will do individual work as well. After that, I'll probably put together some nature reading based on the western states in anticipation of a hoped-for camping trip (and because the rest of volume 4 is not yet complete).
  • Ancient History - Connecting with History volume 1 - We have three or four units of this volume left from last year. (See a review I wrote here.) I may start volume 2 or may just wait until next year.
  • Literature
    • Poetry - We read from a book of poetry once a week, just for the enjoyment of it.
    • Fairy Tales
    • Shakespeare - We'll continue to memorize the selections in How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare by Ken Ludwig. I also plan to summarize the chapters for the kids. Read my review of the book here
    • Copywork - First Son and First Daughter both will have copywork each day. I have created a binder of poems, sayings on virtue, prayers, Scripture, French songs, and other items from which they can choose.
  • Virtue Study and Character Education - daily discussion of a virtue and the prayer from the Education in Virtue virtue cards
  • Music and Music Appreciation (a Listening Loop)
  • Art Appreciation - We'll cover four artists this year. I printed some paintings for each one for picture study and we'll read a bit here and there as well.
    • Giotto
    • Fra Angelico
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Botticelli - We didn't get to Botticelli this year; we'll start here next year.
  • Memory Work - each of the older three have Scripture memory verses and binders of poems and other memory work to practice with me each day.
  • Faith and Religious Education
    • Scripture - I read a psalm with the children each morning.
    • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (Level I for Second Son, Level II for First Daughter and Second Daughter, Level III for First Son)
    • CCD on Sunday mornings
    • Children's Adoration at our parish (for the older three)
    • Advent - picture book a day, Jesse Tree, and other activities (See some of our Advent and Christmas activities here.)
    • Lent - flower prayer garden, sacrifice beans, and other activities (See some of our activities here.)
    • Regular letters to our Unbound friend
  • Practical Work and Handiwork
    • Gardening
    • Baking
    • Cross-stitching and loom weaving (for First Daughter)
    • Cooking dinner once a week for First Son
  • Nature Study
    • weekly nature walks
  • Art of Letter-writing - The three older kids will write a letter each week to the person of their choice. 
  • French songs - French for Kids: Cha, Cha, Cha


First Grade

Third Grade

 Sixth Grade

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