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First Son - eighth grade, Mater Amabilis Level 4
First Daughter - fifth grade, Mater Amabilis Level 2, Year 2
Second Daughter - third grade, Mater Amabilis Level 1A, Year 2
Second Son - first grade, Mater Amabilis Level 1B


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Eighth Grade

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  1. I love that your son likes cutting things out of the newspaper ads---that totally counts in my book for school! My daughter likes to help cut coupons out. I just checked out the link for the Simple Machines and Fantastic Physics, that looks absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing. I am always so inspired by what you do and how organized you are.

  2. You're too kind, Melissa! I seem organized, but that doesn't always mean I do a good job putting our plans into action. That Simple Machines plan is awesome! I'm going to write more about how it went for us at the end of the school year.

  3. I would love to hear how the plans went--really looks like it would be fun. My son is a 5th grader and we are just finishing up our science from 4th grade as he underwent a year of vision therapy and we just tried to hold our own and get the basics done. I, too, love the planning part but implementation is always a struggle for us.


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