Wednesday, October 24, 2007

In the Beginning

There was one blog, "authored" by my son. Then we had a daughter, and I started a new blog. Both of these were geared toward family and friends who knew us and wanted to see how we were doing with the click of a mouse - and we wanted to share. Recently, though, I've started considering privacy issues and the potential for someone to see too much into our lives. I know, it's unlikely some nefarious person will swoop in to destroy all we hold dear, but it did seem I could take some small precautions.

So, after due consideration, I'm starting a new blog. A no-name blog. It seemed easier than going through three years of posts to erase names and other identifying information. You'll hear and see the exploits of First Son and First Daughter. Sometimes you may even read news of Mama and Dada (eventually to become Mom and Dad, I'm sure, but I so love to hear my little ones say "Mama").

For those of you who've been following along for the past three years, you can still read the old blogs. I'm just going to hide them to all except those that are invited and log in. Send me an email if you haven't already heard from me.

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