Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Family Day at the Gym, a Partial Success

Today Kansas Dad and I dropped the kids off at the child care area of the gym for the first time. We thought Son would really enjoy it since they have a big slide and climbing area (think McDonald's play zone without the coating of grease). Daughter we knew might be a problem, but she's been doing so well at day care we decided to take a shot. It's just too hard to find time for two people to exercise at different times. Plus, the child care area is newly renovated and actually very cool. Most of the other kids in there are obviously having a good time.

I was able to get in about 20 minutes before the inevitable page came. Daughter had been crying most of the time and even Son had gotten upset when he realized we weren't in the area with him. ("You lost me, " he said. "You lost me.') So I entertained them on the little outdoors playground in the crisp autumn air (crisp, not chilly, because if it had been chilly I would have to feel guilty about letting them run around without coats).

The child care folks said it just takes time and we should bring them three times a week at least until they get used to it. So back we'll go on Friday, and hopefully they'll make it at least 20 minutes. I also have to figure out a way to keep them entertained without having too much fun after I get them out, though, or they'll never want to stay in.

My advice to others: don't wait to start using the child care. They accept babies starting at six weeks, before they get upset at being away from parents for a little while. I thought I could save us $17 a month (2 or more kids for 2 hours a day for unlimited days in the month, which is really a good deal) by staggering our schedule or working out at home, but it's so difficult to keep that up I ended up just skipping the workout more often than not. Bad because I could use that workout and bad because then the monthly family membership fee is just going to waste.

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