Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Year Ago

Last year, the weekend of Thanksgiving, I weaned First Daughter from sleeping in her car seat in the co-sleeper. (It worked great for us just after birth, but I knew I needed to get her out before she started wiggling too much.) She was so tiny that I used to put her to bed and then put a rolled up blanket next to her. I can hardly remember her so small, watching her run erratically around the house now, chasing her big brother and squealing in delight.

She managed the transition very well, much better than she slept last night, in fact. We tried a new medicine to address allergies, which the doctor thought was contributing to throwing up at meals (possibly further antagonized by whole milk). I think this medicine kept her awake all night. It was like insomnia. She wanted to sleep, but could only doze while we held her. She woke and cried as soon as she was put down. Kansas Dad finally managed to snuggle her in bed until she'd sleep fitfully, but he didn't sleep very well. We're switching the medicine to mornings and will keep our fingers crossed for a better night tonight. At least she hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours.

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