Sunday, December 9, 2007

Birthday Party!

After mass, we met Grammy, Paw Paw and Uncle at the restaurant First Son requested. It wasn't the food that had him hooked (he hardly eats anything while we're there); it was the play area. He spent pretty much the whole hour and a half climbing and yelling down at us. But it was his birthday party, so we're glad he had fun.

We opened presents before nap time. This was the first year First Son was excited about his birthday and presents, so he dug right in!

He happily trekked off to quiet time, too, which I hadn't expected. But he had a new book on CD and was very happy to listen to it and rest.

Kansas Dad very sweetly offered to make an ice cream cake to celebrate. (Neither of our kids are big cake fans, though they think they are until it's on the plate in front of them.) First Son was delighted, especially when we let him put M&M's (his favorite) and sprinkles on it. Nothing like putting them to work at a young age.

What a handsome guy!

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