Monday, December 17, 2007

Snug as a Bug

First Daughter loves to practice sleeping in her brother's bed. If only she'd sleep well in her own bed. Kansas Dad and I have been taking turns walking with her, rubbing her back, and rocking her at night, listening all the while to her bedtime CD, my favorite lullaby CD of all time: Bedtime Prayers by Twila Paris.

The music is soft and lovely. The lyrics are beautiful. My favorite song is Your Whole Life Long. You can read the lyrics here (scroll down to track #6). I have a much easier time remembering how blessed we are and learning to love sacrificially when this song begins to play, even in the middle of the night when it feels like she hasn't slept for hours. Not that I have it down yet, of course.

When you're ready to become a parent, it's important to find a bedtime CD you can enjoy for hours on end night after night. I've tried others, many of them wonderful, but I always come back to this one. (First Son is old enough to pick his own now and usually listens to stories, but he listened to this one for over a year after he was born. We even had to replace it with the album from iTunes when we left the actual CD in a hotel in California.)


  1. So I've been reading thru your old sleep posts, because sleep and children are fascinating to me. ;-D I'll have to check into that Twila Paris CD, my dad really likes her and I have memories of her CDs as a child. Our CD of choice for Gemma's first 2 years was A Child's Gift of Lullabies
    which I absolutely adored. She graduated to her "big girl music" (a Jim Brickman piano CD) around the time she moved to her big bed. Kolbe so far sleeps without music. DH says he can't quite wrap his mind around the thought of two CD players running at once.

  2. It is weird sometimes to sit in the living room and hear one CD from the kids' bedroom and one from the master bedroom. Now that Second Daughter is sleeping for the night (and naps) with the older two we only have one. I'm not sure when we'll start music for the baby. Usually it's around six months before I start getting in the habit of a regular routine for bedtime and naps. Before that it's more a matter of survival and whatever works!


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