Wednesday, January 23, 2008


First, read this post from Simcha and laugh or cry (or both) in sympathy.

It's So You! Fitting Fashion to Your Life by Mary Sheehan Warren

I loved this book! It has chapters to help you determine your style, fit and colors. Then it has chapters that walk you through a step by step guide to creating your wardrobe. Now I know what I need to complete a look and have a plan to get there on my budget! In fact, I'm pretty sure I'll spend less money than I have in the past because I know exactly what I need and how to pick something I'll actually wear.

I've already cleaned out my closet and will be adding pieces as I find them. I do have a large pile of clothes to give away. They're all things I've kept around because I thought I should even though I never liked how they fit, how they looked on me or how they looked with the other parts of my wardrobe that I did like.

My favorite line of the book (which is written in a friendly style) encourages women not to settle. With all the clothing for sale in America today, you shouldn't own anything that doesn't make you look fabulous! (I also liked her advice to look stunning when shopping; you'll be less inclined to buy something that doesn't match your look or wardrobe just because it looks better than what you were wearing.) Actually, there are tons of little tips I loved. That's why I'm going to buy this book the next time we're book shopping. (My copy is from interlibrary loan and is heading back to Ohio.)

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