Monday, January 7, 2008

Morning with the Doctor

First Son had his four year appointment followed immediately by First Daughter's 15 month appointment. First Son is about 75% for weight and 85% for height. First Daughter is more than 90% for height and about 25% for weight.

First Son played a "listening game" with headphones. He was supposed to raise his hand when he heard a beep, but never did. Instead he would get a big grin on his face and the nurse would ask, "Do you hear the beep?" and he'd say yes. He didn't quite follow the rules of the "game" but they decided he really could hear just fine.

First Daughter has not thrown up for nearly a week and isn't really congested for the first time in months. The doctor said "It's a shame she's been sick, but she seems fine now." So no medicine for our girl. I anxiously await her return to congestion, which is inevitable given that she spends two days a week surrounded by other one year olds.

The doctor also thought she was only a little delayed in her speech. (She firmed up mama and dada over the holiday, consistently using it for the moms and dads, but doesn't say any other words.) He gave us some information on screenings but seemed to think we could wait a while. So different from New York where we lived when our son was fifteen months old and not talking. I think we'll wait to see how she's doing at eighteen months.


  1. Hi KM,
    I'd be interested to hear more about the differences that you mentioned. What were the different approaches? Language development is a pet interest of mine, so that's why I'm curious.

  2. Hi Kristin,

    In New York, we were referred to Early Intervention at the 15 month visit. They came and within a few weeks First Son was in speech therapy, even though his vocabulary increased about three times over by the time they evaluated him. (It was actually fun for him: balloons and bubbles and stuff once a week with a therapist who was really sweet.) So he was in therapy while talking a lot more than First Daughter. (They stopped after the first set of weeks, right before we moved, and he understandably regressed after the move. He was about two before he started talking much again and three before he talked a lot. I'd say conversational skills really hit him at four.)

    Now, our daughter is talking a lot less, but her doctor is more relaxed. He thinks she's fine. She understands a ton, responds by doing what we ask (or running away) and signs a bit so we usually know what she wants. (In fact, I can almost always tell what she wants but I think that's just because I know her so well.) She babbles a lot, too, so it's not like she's silent. She just doesn't use words. He suggested we wait and see, but did give us a list of places we could have her screened if we wanted. Now she's 16 months old and just this week said two more words (posts to come). So she's at four (one of which I've never heard but Grammy and Kansas Dad have).

    I think our son would have been fine without the therapy, which is one of the reasons we're not too worried about our daughter. But if she's not talking much more at 18 months, I think it'll be time for a screening, just in case.


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