Friday, March 21, 2008

Out and About

This morning, my parents and sister took the little ones to our local science museum. Everyone had a great time. They finally got First Son to leave by promising a trip to one of his favorite restaurants for lunch. After a bit of a quiet time, we headed to the big indoor pool.

First Daughter was fearless, going down the toddler slide over and over again, even though she bumped her head a bit (since she couldn't manage to sit up all the way down) and slipped under the water every time. She also kept trying to make running leaps into the water like the 7 (or so) year olds she watched. She loved it! It's a good thing First Son is so good at the pool because it's a two person job to watch First Daughter on the slide. I won't be taking the kids swimming alone any time soon.

I did take the camera, but left it in the locker, so no pictures this time.

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