Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The dissertation defense is officially scheduled. Kansas Dad will be at Fordham fending off the attacks of his three reviewers and three examiners (though I think one of them is both, so perhaps it's only five people) on April 4th! He'll have a few revisions to make, print on special Fordham paper and turn in before hopping a cab to the airport for flights home the following Monday. (He also intends to avail himself of the library for research on the other three projects he's got brewing - busy guy, our Kansas Dad.) I hope he finds time for some of our old favorite haunts, as well.

I find it amusing that he'll be flying home from New York on the same day I'll be flying there. Maybe we can wave to each other from our airplane windows...

Now that I think about it, these trips together add up to the longest time Kansas Dad and I have gone without seeing each other in over ten years, a bit over eight days. That's not so amusing, but we must do what we must do.

I should plan a grand celebration for when I'm back. He won't be a student anymore!!!

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