Friday, March 14, 2008

Six Nights!

For the past six nights, we haven't had to go in to First Daughter's room at all after we've gone to bed. (There were a few times we went in while we were still awake, but that doesn't bother us as much.) This is a real breakthrough since she's been waking up every single night, sometimes for hours.

We think she was teething. Her eye teeth are all peeking out now, so that may have been the problem.

We also recently switched to disposable diapers because they're about half as expensive as the gdiapers inserts (though I do love those gdiapers). Overnight, they were not nearly as good, so we think she was waking up cold and wet. Poor girl. We've started using premium diapers overnight (which First Daughter wants to wear all the time because they have her favorite red monster on them) and I think that helped as well. (I also bought some cloth inserts we could use in the gdiapers and we're going to try those overnight as well.)

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