Saturday, April 26, 2008

Floors Are Hard

Thursday night, First Daughter woke sometime overnight and proceeded to cry and fuss for well over three hours. We took turns, but Kansas Dad bore the brunt of it, and it was not fun.

So last night, when she started to cry, we first tried to ignore it (thinking perhaps we were just being too easy on her). I'd go in every once in a while to attempt to comfort her, but mostly she just cried. After an hour and a half, I figured that wasn't working (for us, even if it might have eventually for her). So I moved First Son to our bed and settled down on the floor next to her crib with a pillow and blanket for myself. When she cried, I reached in and touched her (if I could find her) and told her I was there, but that it was sleepy time and she needed to stay in her crib.

She eventually went back to sleep (maybe after I was in there half an hour or so), but by that time, I had fallen asleep as well. I woke up five hours later, uncomfortable and sore. At least I managed a couple of more hours in my own bed (heaven!) and am hopeful the "intervention" will have a lasting effect.

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