Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just One of Those Days

We had a flat tire yesterday. Kansas Dad had to change it before he could come home from work. He took it in today and it's too mangled to fix, so we had to pay for a new one.

First Daughter came home sick from day care. We thought it was the usual congestion causing her to throw up, but she threw up on average once every 90 minutes. So it seems to be a stomach bug.

I was very tired of cleaning clothes, baby girl, myself, floor and carpets by the time Kansas Dad got home from getting the new tire so I asked to be the one heading out to pick up First Son.

Two blocks down the road, I was hit in a three car fender bender. I was the first car, which apparently means our insurance won't have to pay (and I'm keeping my fingers crossed the insurance premiums won't go up). It was my first ever accident and I was very upset to add this special experience to my day. I'm thankful, though, no one was hurt, especially since two of the drivers involved were pregnant women.

To end the day on a "high" note, First Daughter's last effort was on our bed -- our new bed with new sheets and no extras. I immediately threw them in the wash, but everything wasn't quite dry when exhausted Kansas Dad and Mom wanted to go to bed, so we're going to sleep on the futon in the living room. Now that I think about it, we really will need to invest in a second set of sheets before baby #3 arrives. Babies tend to make messes like that a lot...

I'm going to bed now. It'll all be better in the morning...

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