Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Managing Our Budget

We recently rewrote our budget to push our savings for a home to a new level. (This is the first time since we've been married that it made sense to even consider a home -- and in New York and Boston, even saving for a home was a bit of a joke at our income levels.) Anyway, this new budget was a drastic cut from our old one and I was having trouble making it work.

At just the right time, my friend Tiffany recommended a wonderful resource - Money Saving Mom. It's a fantastic blog that does all the hard work of finding the best deals for me. All I have to do is follow the links for the coupons and head to the store! With her help, I've not only stayed within budget for the month (so far), I'm running about 20% under budget! We haven't even had to give up the organic milk and eggs or all the local meats.

I've been thinking and reading a lot of the vocation to facilitate a smoothly running home, so you'll probably see more posts on these kinds of topics and books coming up. Of course, I expect it all to crumble (for a little while) when baby #3 is born. Those few weeks after a birth, it's enough of a challenge just to make sure everyone is fed and clothed!

In the meantime, I've added Money Saving Mom to my resources and encourage you to check it out! (Thanks, Tiffany!)


  1. You're welcome! I'm so glad you've found it helpful. I think it's great, too - I've been working on cutting our food/household budget by a couple hundred a month to help pay off all our non-mortgage debt. I never would have thought it possible to cut that much without a drastic change in lifestyle, but, as you said, someone else does most of the work for you!

  2. Hi! If you are looking for other ways of budgeting your money the "Total Money Makeover" is a book you might be interested in reading. I haven't read it yet but Brian did and we have adopted many of the ideas from it to our own situation. Perhaps it will give you some more ideas!!

  3. Thanks, Mel! I've added it to my list.

    Tiffany, I don't think our cupboards have ever been this full. I had to reorganize just so I'd know what we had in stock! Now I just need to work on developing a menu that takes advantage of all my great buys.


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