Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Success with Shoes

I have the hardest time finding shoes. I have large feet and sometimes I need a wide, but sometimes I don't. I've basically given up shopping for shoes in brick and mortar stores. They almost never have my size, certainly not in the shoes I like.

So I've been putting off finding new black shoes, but I absolutely hated my old black shoes. The more I wore them, the more I hated them. They were a half size too big and too flat and too boring. (I bought them a little big when I was pregnant with my daughter, expecting my feet to swell, which they did not.) My mom finally convinced me to take the plunge for new shoes by sending me a few "hints" from

It took about 7 pairs of shoes to find them, but I have now what could possibly be the best pair of black shoes I have ever owned. I love them! You may not know this about me, but I am a shoe person. Every time I think about these shoes in my closet, I smile, and I am ecstatic they arrived in time for my trip to New York next week when I can wear them every day.

In addition to loving my shoes, I just have to say I was very pleased with the / combination. I got 8% credited to my Ebates account for every pair of shoes I ordered (when items are returned, the credit is removed, though it takes a while). Shoebuy gave me a discount for signing up on their website as a "member" (which is free). Ebates listed a 10% off coupon good on all shoes in every order. Shipping was free both ways so I could return all the others with just a trip to the UPS store. Searching on the Shoebuy site was easy and, in general, I found the shoes to be less expensive than Zappos.

So I recommend Ebates (sign up here so I get credit for the reference) and Shoebuy.

{sigh} I love my shoes.

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