Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Week with Kansas Dad

0.5 days - attempting to discern the problem in our washing machine without success

0.5 days - traveling two hours each way to attend part of the graduation celebration for our wonderful sister-in-law, who is now officially a doctor! ("the kind of doctor who helps you feel better when you feel sick," as we say to our doubting First Son)

1 day - attempting to discern the problem in our washing machine, after the repair man expressed confidence Kansas Dad could fix it, without success, dismantling the machine in the process

0.5 days - researching and selecting a new washing machine with Kansas Mom

1 day - suffering through minor outpatient surgery

1.5 days - slowly recovering from said minor outpatient surgery while (amazingly) helping Kansas Mom prepare the house for a party

0.5 days - preparing hamburgers and grilling out while entertaining the students from his major class

Nearly every night this week - waking 2-5 times a night at the cry of a child, the weather alarm, or pain

We are tired, glad to have survived the week, and hopeful next week will be full of clean clothes and absent any surgery.

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  1. Sounds like you had a week like I had! Mine is starting to look up again, hope yours is too!

    By the way, I live in your neighboring state-Missouri.


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