Saturday, June 21, 2008


I had a slight meltdown earlier this week when I realized the baby was due in less than a month and we were completely unprepared - no clothes washed and ready, no names picked out, no bag packed (I can't even remember what should be in it), nothing!

So a few days ago we picked names, boy and girl. I felt better as Kansas Dad knew I would. (It really was just a slight meltdown; we're probably in for worse before the birth.) I can't share the names (even if I did share names on this blog, we like to keep them a secret until baby is born), but I can tell you a few of the ones we did not choose: Darwin (you know, so he'd stand out in the crowd of homeschooled kids), Egbert (Kansas Dad always suggests this one), Darth, Homer, and a bunch of classical and theological guys I can't remember and probably couldn't spell if I did. In case you were wondering, these were mainly Kansas Dad's suggestions.

Today we pulled out all the newborn boxes. Guess how many boxes of newborn stuff we had in the garage?

Did you guess?

Eight. That's right. Eight boxes of newborn clothes and accessories! In our defense, one whole box was cloth diapers and another mainly held the bouncer seat. Still, that's crazy. It could have been even more. Most of the girl clothes went back to my sister-in-law after my daughter finished wearing them. So, I sorted through them a bit and pulled out a few neutral things and all those little white onesies to wash. I also have one set each of boy clothes and girl clothes to pack for the hospital.

Come to think of it, there may be another box in the garage somewhere. I didn't see the bunting my son wore. It would be too small for baby by the time winter comes, but it does mean there's probably at least one more box...


[Update: Nine boxes. And the bunting is in a different box of winter clothing which I didn't count because it includes lots of non-newborn sizes. I am not saving all of these clothes after baby #3 is done with them!]

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  1. that's not so many. Especially since it holds for either sex :)


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