Thursday, June 19, 2008

She's At It Again

I thought to myself, She's buckled into her seat at the much mayhem can she cause? and turned to tackle some dishes. Three minutes later, I find this:

In theory, it's washable marker. I'm seriously considering throwing away all the non-washable ones we have. I just don't think we can supervise her closely enough!

Of course, it could have been worse. She could have drawn on her face.


  1. It is amazing how every child goes through this phase. :) She is obviously very well supervised as she could have been way more covered in ink.

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  3. Oops -- I almost revealed names on the blog -- didn't realize that was against the rules. Anyway, what I was about to say is that our youngest and First Daughter would definitely be good friends...or at least excellent partners in crime...

  4. I've heard enough stories to agree with you, Joel! Though First Daughter doesn't usually eat dirt or rocks. (She does love to throw food on the floor so she can crawl under the table and eat it after she claims to be "all done"--which is really gross.)


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