Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baby and More Baby

First Daughter has a lot of babies.

1. Baby brought by Grammy so First Son could play with one before First Daughter was born. First Son was interested for about thirty minutes. First Daughter has been fascinated since we can remember.
2. A baby purchased just for her last Christmas from Grammy and Paw Paw.
3, 4 and 5. Three babies that were mine when I was little that I recently pulled from storage.
6. A Cabbage Patch baby that was confiscated from Kansas Dad when he and his brother were caught in a contest to see how many times they could flip them before they hit the ceiling (so it's in near perfect condition).

First Daughter calls these babies "my baby, more baby, other baby, more baby, other baby, more baby" in no particular order. They all must sleep with her. They all must be pulled from the crib for her to play with during the day. She also sleeps with Elmo and two Hippos. She sleeps with Rory during her nap (when First Son won't notice). (We've ordered one for her so she can have her own at bedtime.)

On some nights, she insists on up to three blankets as well. Her crib becomes very crowded very quickly.

But at least she's sleeping.

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