Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blast From the Past

Back in January we moved First Daughter to a booster chair, mostly because I had reached a breaking point with the high chair. These new (and by new I mean five years ago when we received the chair as a gift for First Son) plastic chairs with all the bells and whistles are very difficult to keep clean. Food gets stuck in all the little nooks and crannies. I just got tired of feeling like it was never really clean unless I went at it with a toothbrush - and who has time for that?

So I decided I wanted an old wooden high chair. (I would have been satisfied with a new one, but they are very expensive.) We haven't had time to look for one at garage sales, what with a baby on the way and a house to buy, but I figured I had time since Second Daughter wouldn't need one until she started to eat solid foods at six months.

I mentioned it to my mom and she convinced my dad to stop at a flea market / antique sale on the way home from visiting us in June. They drove away with four dining room chairs and an old wooden high chair (and a slightly frustrated Papa who was driving from Missouri to Illinois with a load of stuff he'd have to drive back to Kansas in a few weeks).

It's exactly what I wanted. We checked to make sure it hadn't been recalled and First Daughter claimed it immediately!

I'm very glad she liked it because I was beginning to feel the same frustration with the booster chair.

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