Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Crutches Remain

Kansas Dad came home from his doctor's appointment with a real cast today, dashing my hopes for a miraculous recovery. The doctor and nurses were very impressed with his injury. Apparently, most people would have ended up with something broken. I'm not sure that would have been worse. He's got the cast for two weeks, then they'll put him in a brace or something so he can start moving it a bit. It'll be six to eight weeks before he's back to normal, hopefully without physical therapy since we're supposed to change insurance companies before then. I'm sure they wouldn't want to cover a pre-existing condition.

For those doing the math, his cast is supposed to come off two days after the baby is due. I guess I hope baby holds off a while, though I admit it's hard to be patient once I hit the end of a pregnancy. I'm ready to meet baby in person (rather than just baby's kicks)!

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