Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Swinging Girl

This is the swing that was our lifesaver. First Son hated everything except being carried - no crib, no stroller, no car seat, no bouncy seat, nothing, just being held. Then, we took him to California when he was two months old. Kansas Dad's aunt suggested a baby swing. First Son not only calmed down, he fell asleep! We were astounded - and sold. We ordered a swing online that night and even paid for shipping so it would arrive the day we arrived home. First Son would usually nap in the swing and slept in it for a few hours before we all went to bed. We all loved it.

Second Daughter doesn't spend that much time in the swing. As you might guess from the picture, First Daughter is often hovering, "helping" with little pushes and playing with the fishes herself. She does seem to like it, though, at least for short bursts of time.

I should add a do not attempt warning for first time parents. Technically, Second Daughter should be buckled in. The manufacturer would insist on it now...I'm inclined to worry about it more when she can really move around a bit. Of course, I might worry more if we actually left her in the swing very often, but it's usually just long enough to wash hands or something.

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