Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Bought a Farm

Not the farm, a farm. The older two kids went off on an adventure with Grammy. Second Daughter and her Gram joined us for a modest lunch outing followed by a contract signing for our farm.

I can't believe we signed a contract to buy a house with a four day old. Maybe the sleep deprivation impaired our reasoning.

If it all works out, we'll be closing around the end of August and will be the proud owners of a little house, almost 7.5 acres, half an out-building, a lagoon, some trees and (best of all) a creek! (Well, part of a creek.)

There are a lot of contingencies so we're trying not to get too excited yet. I have to admit, the thought of packing up and moving in the next month is a little scary, but it would be worth it in the long run.


  1. Congratulations for the second time in a week!!

    That's exciting -- hopefully it will all work out. Maybe we'll finally have to make our way out to Wichita sometime to let all of the kids run around on all that land... :-)

  2. Joel, you and your family would be welcome at any time!

  3. YAY!!!! I'm going to need a lot of pics and details :)

  4. Don't worry, Janelle. I'm sure we'll be giving you a call soon!


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