Thursday, August 28, 2008

And Oh Yes...

We bought a house today!!

Right up until the end we weren't sure everything would work out. The underwriters had to go through our flood insurance work again (we don't need it, but had to document it because the creek is a flood zone though the house isn't in one) and their office was in the line of one of the hurricanes so the work had to be transferred to another office and was delayed until this morning. It all came through on time, though.

We took the kids with us and they were remarkably good, especially considering First Daughter missed her nap. (All of the parties were very considerate of the minor chaos created by the kids.)

Would you believe we didn't drive down tonight? We were exhausted after a full day and decided to just get the kids home, fed and in bed. I've already started a box of cleaners and supplies for a trip down tomorrow, though. There's lots to do so we must be busy busy busy!


  1. Pictures, pictures!!!

    Congrats, you guys. What wonderful news that you are realizing your dream!


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