Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Comment on Carriers

I took the kids to the new park near us today. It's a fabulous collection of swings, sand, water contraptions and slides designed to be accessible for all children of all abilities. It really is wonderful. I found myself, though, surrounded by moms in a way I haven't experienced much before, being a working mom. They all seemed very nice, from what I could tell. I was a little overwhelmed by their stroller baskets full of snacks and child paraphernalia. I left my diaper bag in the car and carried the baby in one of my handy carriers. The other two just ran. I will admit, it would have been nice for all of us to have something to eat and more to drink, but I will remedy that next time with a little cooler in the van. I just can't imagine tackling the park with Second Daughter in a stroller. How would I play with the older two, keep her happy and keep the stroller in sight the whole time?

I really think it's easier to have her in the carrier and can't help thinking it's more fun for her, too.

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