Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Looking on the Bright Side

We're unlikely to forget Second Daughter in the car. She screams about 95% of the time we spend there. First Daughter will then repeatedly inform us that the baby is not happy.

It's going to make those 20 mile trips between town and home a great joy.


  1. Well, it's 20 miles back to the big city. We're just a few miles from some small towns. Our official town (by address) has about 200 residents.

  2. That sounds awfully familiar. Clover hated the car for a long time, despite having a perfectly comfortable car seat and a brother to entertain her. We feel your pain!

  3. Thanks. She was pretty good today as Kansas Dad and I ran errands for house stuff. She loved hanging out in her carrier at all the stores. People almost always do a double-take when they realize I'm carrying a baby around.


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