Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Daughter's Two Year Well-Child Visit

Kansas Dad returned to the PA's office today, this time with all three kids in tow for First Daughter's two year check-up. She is also growing as she should be, though not quite as chubberrific as Second Daughter. (I suppose that's to be expected as they move from baby to toddler, but it's still a little sad for Mama.)

Weight: 28 pounds
Height: 34 inches

She loved watching her blood get scraped from her finger into the vial for the lead test. That's certainly not something she gets from her Papa. (Her love of all her "lini" clothes must be from him, though.)

First Daughter is also perfecting her climbing and leaping skills. She can now get into her crib with the side down by launching herself over the rail. Kansas Dad and I don't doubt her ability to get in and out at her pleasure even with the side up, but we're trying to keep her in the dark about that as long as possible. Losing containment for First Daughter promises to bring more challenges.

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