Thursday, September 11, 2008

Small Town Service

Today I had to call the phone company for our new house because the phone had stopped working.

A person answered.

A person.

She promised to send someone to take a look. She did send someone. He crawled under our house and replaced some wires for us. Good as new.

I could hardly believe it. A person.


  1. You would think I'd remember such service from our high school days, but I can't. I probably didn't pay attention because that was before everything was so automated. Half the services I called to cancel stuff after our move were voice response automated things. I hate those.

    It was so nice to talk to a person.

  2. Try the local dr's office and see how fast they get you in even for a non-emergency, lol :) The dentist is the same too, it's amazing.

  3. Janelle, I'm not sure we have a local dentist or doctor. At least not in our little town of 200. There are some bigger ones a little farther. I'll have to look into it after the move.


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