Thursday, September 25, 2008

Swing Time

We finally have a few pictures of First Daughter enjoying her birthday present.

This is the more common view. She's either staring at the ground, mesmerized by the swinging motion and the grassland passing beneath her or falling asleep.

Does it count as daily exercise if the kids are in the swings and we're doing all the work of pushing? I have to come up with some running games I can play with Second Daughter in the carrier. (Suggestions welcome.)

First Daughter has some great fashion sense there, doesn't she? The problem is, she loves that 'lini dress, so she wears it just about whenever it's clean. Then, before we go outside, she rushes in to grab whatever pants she first touches, which are almost all pink. So, orange and blue and pink she is!


  1. We long ago gave up on trying to get matching clothing on our kids. Absolutely not worth the battle. They'll get it someday. Hopefully not because they were ridiculed by their peers.

    Case in point, tonights trip to the store was in ballet leotards, skirts, sweatpants, toy necklaces, and red sparkly glitter shoes.

  2. First Daughter would love to wear what your girls wore to the store! She also loves to wear her brother's pajamas over her clothes.


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