Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Counts for Excitement in Our Lives*

This morning I was racing around and out of the house with all three kids for First Son's dentist appointment. I forgot a bunch of stuff, but we made it right on time and the kids were amazing. First Son let them clean and floss. First Daughter did not destroy any equipment and in fact, stayed close to me and out of trouble the whole time. Second Daughter nursed for a while then slept. (By the way, I could never imagine taking my kids to a regular dentist after experiencing the pediatric dentist's office. Everyone there is so understanding and helpful when the kids start to wander! Plus, the cleaning, flossing and checking of the teeth is very calm and soothing because everyone really takes the time to make sure the kids are comfortable. The TVs on the ceiling are a great treat as well.)

So I was feeling adventurous and decided to hit one of those big stores for a coupon deal I saw on Money Saving Mom. I told the kids they could check out the toys, which is a big hit with them as we rarely take them to stores like this one. We wandered the toys for a while then picked up the groceries so we were there for over an hour. As I buckled everyone in and started up the van I realized I had Kansas Dad's keys, which wouldn't have been a big deal if I didn't also have the only key to the truck he had borrowed.

So he was home with a vehicle, but no way to drive the vehicle to the office. Poor Kansas Dad tried to reach me but just missed me at the dentist office and I didn't have the cell phone (worthless battery anyway). He hoped I'd notice and come home, but I hadn't. He ended up calling a cab and being 45 minutes late for his office hours. (It's a good thing it's early in the semester yet.)

I figure I didn't forget the kids anywhere (and even remembered to buckle them all in...except when we were leaving the library and First Son had to yell at me "Not yet!"), so I have my priorities straight.

* besides buying a fixer-upper house and 7+ acres with a newborn baby, that is.


  1. You were rewarded for your bravery! I totally understand about the dentist. Simon had his first successful dentist visit a few months back (before that he would only consent to sit in the chair and fill the little cup with water). We don't use a pediatric dentist, but it is the same dentist I went to as a kid (actually, it's his son now), and they love kids and are great with them. The receptionist (who's the dentist's sister) actually offered to watch Clover in the waiting room!

  2. Hilary, it's great you have such a good dentist for the kids. My dentist might be fine; I've certainly seen kids in the waiting room there, but I don't think it would be as good for kids who were scared, as First Son was and First Daughter still is. I took First Son with me about a year ago so he could watch me getting my teeth cleaned (because he had barely let them count his teeth at his previous visit) and they basically ignored him. I had been hoping they would talk to him about what they were doing.

    So I think we're much better off with the ped dentist. Come to think of it, I wish I could go to her!

  3. Hmm. Adventures in shopping. It sounds like it was a mostly positive experience (for you anyway),though, so that's good.

  4. Yes, the kids were pretty good. They kept wandering off, but it would have been easier if I'd remembered my carrier instead of taking Second Daughter's stroller in. I would have had better control over First Daughter.

    But really, it was much better than I had feared.


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