Monday, October 6, 2008

Answers to Prayers!

I posted on Saturday about my dread of mass and it was unfounded! Well, perhaps it was well-founded based on past experiences, but thankfully not an indication of this Sunday.

First Daughter did chat a bit and not in a whisper. (We're going to play whispering games at home this week, if I can remember.) She was pretty quiet, though, for her, and only bothered her brother once or twice. Even Second Daughter was in rare form. I'm particularly glad because the priest's parents were sitting right behind us (though they were obviously understanding of the kids, which makes sense since they had five boys of their own).

Not only did First Daughter behave better than last week, we received answers to prayers we hadn't even thought to pray:

1. The new priest is wonderful. We'd heard good things about his sermons and his doctrine, but were pleased to find him friendly and engaging, especially with the kids.

2. They offer wine at communion. I know it's not necessary, but I like it. And I missed it in all those big churches where they think they need to rush everyone through communion.

3. The cry room is teeny tiny so no one really uses it. (I'll leave further thoughts on cry rooms for another post.)

4. We thought there were a lot of families. I saw one with six kids and a number with three or four kids, plus two or three pregnant women. Not bad for a mass with about two hundred in attendance. (I underestimated the attendance at mass last week; it must have been closer to four hundred.)

5. A very kind gentleman came over and introduced himself as we hesitated after talking to the priest.

6. There was a potluck after mass to welcome the new priest. We didn't know anything about it since we hadn't attended mass there last week, but the kind gentleman invited us and led us over to the old school building.

4. The same gentleman talked with us as we waited in line for name tags, introducing us to others in line. (I just love that he knew almost everyone.)

5. Then, he further welcomed us by walking us over to a family he thought we'd enjoy meeting, introducing us to them and making sure we had a place to sit and talk with them! (Any of you on welcoming committees, take notes!)

6. We chatted with three or four families and met more people than in either of our previous parishes here (that's the previous three years, for those of you new to our blog) before lunch even started!

7. I met the mother of a home schooling family I knew was in the area. She didn't have time to talk because she was working in the kitchen, but now I've met her and have her number (because it was in the bulletin for something else) and I just might call her just to ask if I can come visit her home school in action! (Ok, that might take more guts than I have...but I do hope to get to know her better. She introduced herself to me as I was getting drinks because she didn't recognize me. Twice in one day at a new parish; I can't remember it happening at all at the previous two!)

We left after prayer and some brownies because Grammy was on her way to our house, but I am really excited to go back next weekend. What a blessed Sunday we had!


  1. How wonderful! I'm so excited that you are making friends quickly. And don't worry about having guts - I bet before too long the homeschool mom will invite YOU over!

  2. Yay! That sounds like a great place to be.


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