Monday, October 27, 2008

The Christmas Card You Won't See In Your Mailbox

I think we'll be saving our money this year instead of sending Christmas cards again, but I did want to share this cute picture. Would you believe all these clothes are hand-me-downs? I know the day will come when my kids (especially the girls) will balk at wearing used clothes, but to me there's something very special in much-loved clothes finding more use. My nieces have some of the most beautiful clothes and I just love being able to dress my girls in ones I remember from special days - like Christmas. I also love pulling out First Daughter's old clothes for Second Daughter. They're like friends, already full of sweet memories.

Or funny ones. (No, I didn't get a hair cut; that's me with First Daughter back in 2006.)


  1. Keep hope alive! My oldest daughter is nearly 10 and my son is nearly 7; they both still LOVE hand-me-downs. (My little girls don't know yet...). I am a Walmart shopper, and so often, the hand-me-downs they get are more fashionable than the basic clothing I can afford. We've always talked about how grateful we can be for God's provision for our family in this area. I'm also grateful that my kids DO love hand-me-down clothing!!

    Darling pics; blessings this Fall day! ~Danielle

  2. My girls might continue to like the hand-me-downs for the same reason. As I said, their cousins have beautiful clothes...and they live a couple of states away so it's not like anyone here will recognize the clothes.


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