Monday, October 27, 2008

Photography 101

I let First Son take some pictures with our digital camera today (while First Daughter slept, of course). I showed him how to press the button a little to focus and then snap the picture. We took a few together, but he took the last one here completely on his own.

Half toy.


Upside-down giraffe.

"I want to take a picture of the yellow chair."

The Boyz.

Of course First Son loved it and is already begging to take more. Kansas Dad and I had thought the gift of a digital camera would come next year, but now we're reconsidering. I would be really interested to see the world First Son would choose to photograph.


  1. You should get the Kid Tough Digital Camera. Ethan has one and he loves it. It takes good pictures and it can be dropped. Also, it has two holes to look through to take the picture. I love it because the pictures are clear and also because little hands are rough on things.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, ateche!

  3. Nice pictures, First Son! Kids just love to play with cameras and it's so interesting to see what catches their eye via the lens!

  4. Aubrey, the next set of pictures were even more funny (funnier?). He basically put each Veggie on a shelf one by one and photographed each, like a little photo shoot. I'm sure he was too close to get good shots (I haven't gotten them on the computer yet to check for sure.), but he had a great time.


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