Thursday, October 16, 2008

Working Hard

Last night, I slipped into the kids' room to check on them as we do each night. I pulled the covers back over First Son. He shifted and woke. He mumbled something I couldn't understand so I leaned in to ask him to repeat himself.

"I worked so hard today, Mama."

You did work hard today, Little Man.

You and First Daughter learned about chimpanzee nests.

You learned to pant hoot.

Second Daughter learned to suck her thumb.

(And just be cute.)

First Daughter learned how to use her feet to push against an outer wall to climb. (I admit I showed her this trick...and immediately regretted it. I have no doubt she'll quickly transfer this skill to some piece of furniture at home and disaster is sure to ensue, for us if not for First Daughter.)

It was indeed a very busy day of learning and playing, and we've already learned that playing is the work of childhood.

I hope, too, you were able to bask in your Mama and Grammy's love today, learning how much we love you with your heart, if not your head.

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