Friday, November 14, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

We've been listening to one make a nest behind our dishwasher all day. We can only hope it's the one that got lured into a trap Kansas Dad found tonight.

Tomorrow we're getting some of the most horrible weapons availble...sticky traps. Kansas Dad used them before and says they're not pretty, but very effective.


  1. You need a cat...or two...or five!

    Hedgehogs also work. :)

  2. We're planning on a couple of outside cats. (Kansas Dad is allergic.) We need an enclosed space for them to sleep, though, and probably won't have anything suitable until the spring.

    We hadn't considered hedgehogs. We are considering a dog. We want one anyway and know someone with a lab puppy so we'll see. My parents have a dog that's a great mouser--much better than our cats ever were.

  3. Dogs are great, but even Coal wasn't up for what I once caught on a sticky trap...
    word of warning, sometimes sticky traps catch bigger game. Then again, that I was calling it "Mighty mouse" should have clued me in.
    This was years ago in an apartment in CT. Needless to say, I broke my lease and moved out immediately.
    Here's hoping for mice only and nothing that rhymes with "cat".

  4. I hate mice too. We caught five after moving into our home and haven't seen any since (YET--winter is coming). One night, we set a trap in a utensil drawer. The next morning, the trap was gone. I wonder where that silly old trap is, anyway?

  5. Kristin, I can imagine how startling that would have been. I'm very glad Kansas Dad is around to deal with all the aftermath.

    Aubrey, that missing trap would have haunted me for years! I'm still trying to figure out how one was scaling the wall to climb into our cupboard.

  6. That missing trap haunted me only when we smelled something funny in the basement but DH found a mouse that had simply gotten trapped in a tall storage container without a lid. I'm not sure which one is more gross. Still, no trap, no odd smells, no more mice. Hmmm...


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