Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Evangelism

First Son and First Daughter as Daniel and the angel in the lion's den:

Early in the evening, he was shy, but his story grew as we visited more houses. People would ask, "Are you a king?" He'd answer, "I'm Daniel in the Lion's Den. The angel came and said 'Don't be scared.' God closed the eyes of the lions so they wouldn't hurt Daniel. My sister is the angel." (First Daughter would then pipe up, "Don't be scared!")

The flashlights were a big hit. In fact, First Daughter quickly abandoned her lion and grabbed First Son's flashlight whenever the opportunity arose.

Second Daughter was a fairy, because I forgot I sent the pea pod costume back to my sister-in-law. Would you believe it's a size 2T? She napped much of the time we were out walking.

We didn't visit too many houses, but they still have enough candy for quite a while. (We allow one piece each after lunch and dinner...but only if they ask for it. I'm pretty sure they'll forget rather quickly.)

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