Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Point for the Home Team

I was swapping laundry loads and returned to the living room with a basket of clean clothes to fold when Kansas Dad asked if I had heard a squeaking sound. No...I hadn't. We thought maybe it was me, even though it had come from the office. (Sound carries strangely in our house.)

I wander into the office, intent on Googling "baby spit up turns clothes blue in the wash" when I heard a squeak as I moved the chair...My imagination?

Then I saw some wires move. Um, not my imagination.

A mouse managed to snag his (or her) tail in a mouse trap and drag it into the office (practically under the nose of Kansas Dad who was working, very intently, on the futon) and under the computer desk. Being the good and worthy husband he is, Kansas Dad caught the trap and carried the dangling wiggling mouse (who looked kind of cute, but I wasn't relenting) out to the porch. The mouse has met his maker.

Now we just have to wait and see if it's the mouse that has been raiding our kitchen.

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