Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birthday Pictures

First Son has his first real birthday party yesterday. We hosted it at a local church and they provided a bouncer for the kids. First Son and First Daughter tested it out for a good fifteen minutes before anyone else even arrived.

First Son let us light some candles for the first time. (He's been anti-candle until just recently.) He placed the candles and blew them all out. I can't tell you his wish, though!

Second Daughter had a good time, too. She barely fussed, even when she was very sleepy.

First Son asked all day today if he could have his friends over for another birthday party. I think he missed them. We didn't do much today for the actual birthday. We had noodles with sauce and cheese for dinner and some more chocolate coins and he smiled every time we called him the "Birthday Boy." He also read through the first three of his Bob Books, which was very exciting for all of us! He also spent the day trying out his new Jonah game and all the puzzles he received as gifts. He was even excited to wear some of his new clothes.

I cannot believe my little baby boy is five years old. I very much remember his birth day and his first few weeks. Life has a funny way of happening when we're busy doing "stuff," doesn't it?

Happy Birthday First Son! I miss the chubby baby you were, but I'm so excited to get to know the boy you're becoming.

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