Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long Long Day

I had a very busy working day tonight, so busy I couldn't even spare 15 minutes for a reading lesson with First Son (who was very understanding even though he's been so excited by the lessons recently). In fact, I still have a bit of work waiting for me on the other computer.

Then, just before Kansas Dad was heading out for a lecture, we realized the washing machine really and truly wasn't spinning as it should. So, I started to call around (since it's under warranty, being less than a year old) and so far I haven't found anyone willing to come all the way out to the Range. Eventually we'll get someone, but the hamper full of dirty diapers is going to have to just sit there for a while. Ugh. (Kansas Dad is picking up some disposables on the way home.) Not to mention all the other dirty clothes...Come to think of it, appliances haven't had a good week out here.

First Daughter is still crying from her crib for Pete's a Pizza, which is missing for the moment.

On a happier note, Second Daughter loves peas, really loves them. She gobbled up all that we had and then ate a bunch of rice cereal I mixed in the same bowl so it just tasted a little bit like mushed peas.

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