Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What She Said...

...about children at church.

Here and here.

It's not as much of a choice for Catholics as it is for others, but that doesn't mean we can't be just as proactive about teaching our children to worship with us rather than just hang out in the pew. A wise mother recommended Parenting in the Pew: Guiding Your Children into the Joy of Worship to me and it's made a great difference in how we relate to First Son during mass. (First Daughter, too, though with her we mostly repeat "Shhh, we don't talk at mass." Over and over and over again. You know, along with, "Don't kick the pew." And "We don't touch the hair of anyone in the pew in front of us." And "Leave the baby alone." But we say that all the time.)


  1. I enjoyed both of those posts; having read the book "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham, my entire outlook on church segregation has changed! I love the concept of "family" church. We do some of both; our kids are all with us for all of worship time, then they trot off to class--but--all ages are together in class. We attend a tiny church, so there are times kids are with us in service too. Anyway...very thought-provoking and something that the modern Protestant church culture might reconsider (in my humble opinion). To me, it all wraps up with the whole birth control in the church issue--which--as Catholics, is also *not* a choice, I assume. I think that's great, personally. I wish the entire church, as a whole, would adopt a healthier viewpoint on not only welcoming children, but ENCOURAGING their births!

    Thanks for sharing! I sub to Afterthoughts, but hadn't caught up completely. :)

  2. The more I learn and read, the more I think being pro-life carries over into aspects of every relationship. In the Catholic church, even without nurseries as a standard, the welcoming of children during the mass very much depends on the priest. We are very grateful to have one of the best at our parish. (His parents, who raised five boys, two to become priests, sat behind us in church at his first mass at our parish and were so wonderful and understanding! They continue to be a comfort and inspiration to me, even though they attend a different parish.)


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