Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where She Sleeps

Second Daughter doesn't nap well in her co-sleeper. Currently, she only naps well if I hold her, which is inconvenient. Since she is starting to sleep better at night, I'm guessing the problem is the light in the room during the day. Our long-term solution is curtains, made my yours truly. Our short-term solution is under consideration. (With First Daughter we put aluminum foil over all the windows. Very effective, but not very aesthetically pleasing.)

Yesterday we took Second Daughter with us to a college basketball game. (It seems I've often now writing today of things we did yesterday when I'd really rather write yesterday of things we did today.) She loved it. She watched the women running back and forth and even cheered in her own way for the whole first half.

Then she got sleepy and a little grumpy. Now, she doesn't sleep in a quiet room with her lullaby music playing, but she fell asleep (and stayed asleep) at the game, complete with cheering and buzzers.

I'm not really sure what to make of that.

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  1. Maybe you should have recorded the game so you can play it back in her bedroom during naptime. It does seem like if there's just a lot of noise, that they can block it outand go to sleep, whereas if there's just a small amount of stimulation (quiet music, dim but not picth black lighting), it's just enough to keep them awake!


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