Monday, March 16, 2009

How Daddy Handles Bedtime

I went out to an evening meeting tonight, something I do only rarely. Kansas Dad was home alone with the older two and recorded this scene for your viewing pleasure less than half an hour before bedtime.


  1. Too funny! That is about what my gang looks like every evening: 2-year-old running being chased by 4-year-old being chased by 6-year-old! But my girls would have cried when they fell. :)

  2. LOL...that's hilarious! Looks like the way "Daddy" gets bedtime going at our house too :) Your children are energetic, but beautiful too--love the new pics on your sidebar.

  3. Brandy, the crying is a 50/50 thing. Sometimes they cry, sometimes they don't and I can't figure out what makes a fall warrant tears.

    Thanks, MM, I like the new pictures, too. First Son's was almost a year old so he really needed one (though I did love that rascally pirate).


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