Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shelter from the Storm

A few years ago, when my husband said he wanted to live in the country and farm, I said ok.

When we were looking at homes, all I wanted was a basement. I am, after all, Kansas Mom and I quake in humble fear of the tornadoes that tear across our home state every year.

Guess what we don't have?

That's right. We have a gross crawlspace, the entrance to which is half-blocked by the stairs installed by a previous owner at the side door.

So, when we bought our farm, my husband and I talked about a storm shelter. I believe my sentiment was pretty much, "I will follow you to the country. I will help you farm. I will learn to can and all such things. It will, however, be your job to research, purchase and supervise the installation of a storm shelter before the spring storms are upon us. I can guarantee I will be one unhappy anxious wife without one."

A few days ago, there was a tornado warning with a wall of clouds right above our house. Today, they came to dig the hole.

And install the shelter. Through a series of decisions, most of them by others, our shelter resides well within view of the living room window, but I'm ok with that.

It's not too pretty on the inside, but it's solid. We'll be stocking it soon with some blankets, water, flashlights, and other necessities, though I hope we'll never have to use it.

I am very grateful for my shelter and I hope my husband knows how much I appreciate his work to give me a greater sense of security. I know it is only God who can protect us from the storms, but the installation was quicker and less expensive than we anticipated, His handiwork. Even if we never have to huddle inside as a tornado rages overhead, just having it in the yard eases my mind, and that's a kind of shelter, too.


  1. wow, that is excellent!! Can you email me more details about that? I have a cellar but it is damp :(

  2. I'll have Kansas Dad send you the information on the people we used, but we managed to get a great deal because the cement guy and the contractor both were working on the house across the street yesterday. The biggest expense for them is driving all the way out to the boonies.

    It's definitely not cheap, but it was a high priority for me so we budgetted for it.

  3. We end up in our basement at least a couple of times each spring, so I'm right with you on this one.

    So much so that I had a dream about it last night after having read this post yesterday. As my dreams tend to the dramatic, the shelter in my dream was a nasty unlit dirt basement, complete with two skunks and a hiding Ben Linus from LOST.

    The prom dream I had two nights ago after discussing prom dresses with a coworker was classic, too. Scary in a different way.

  4. If I have a nightmare about Ben Linus in my storm shelter, Melissa, I'm going to blame you.

    That guy is freaky!

  5. It’s a relief that you allotted a significant budget for the shelter, Kansas Mom. I believe we can go frugal on other things but not here. After all, the family’s safety is always the priority. How is it now, anyway? I hope you haven’t used it. :) -->Edwina Sybert

  6. Edwina, I agree! We were lucky to be able to set the money aside pretty much right after we bought the house. Thankfully, we've only had to use it a couple of times, but I was so very grateful we had it. The scariest was the night we went out to it when a tornado really did hit south of east of us. The kids and I practice running to it significantly more often than we've had to use it; they think that's fun.


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