Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To 100 and Back Again

Last week, patiently waiting for Gram and Papa to arrive, First Son finally counted to 100 using the Cheerios Counting Book. In general I don't recommend branded books like this one, but I have to admit it worked. He counted all the way to 100 with only a little help from me. Then we counted back down again.

Well, I counted back down while he ate the Cheerios one by one.


  1. Great job, First Son!
    Eliza really likes our little Hershey Kisses counting book, so I keep it around. At least Cheerios are more healthy than chocolate!

  2. And he doesn't seem to mind if they're not real "Cheerios".

    Hm, a Hershey's kiss sounds really good right now.


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