Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Brandy always has something thoughtful to say on the subject of homeschooling. Today, I found this post particularly interesting and want to ponder it some more. Please feel free to wander over there and read her thoughts but I mainly want to remind myself to return.

Kansas Dad and I are still considering a vision for our homeschool. I'm afraid he's a little leery of mission statements and vision statements and the like, being forced to squander many an hour in such meetings for his university (and, in a former life, on a Parish Council), but I think I want something in writing to focus our schooling.

In the meantime, I'm trying to outline a basic schedule for next year and fill in some of the resources. Books, lovely books!


  1. As a full-on member of that mission-statement-corporate-jargon world, I can attest to the value in "thinking to think." Whether or not a grand statement follows, matters not so much. Although a simple and inspirational guiding statement might just serve to keep you on track...at least you don't have to worry about forming a committee!!!!!


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