Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Prayer Request

Twelve years ago, a little girl was born to a mother who did not know how to love her. She moved from home to home, landing in the foster care system and, at three, in my parent's house. She waited for her "forever family." And waited. And waited. There were a few who tried, but she always returned.

Four years ago, feeling very much that God wanted her to remain in their hearts and home, my parents adopted her. The same week, she was baptized and received her First Communion. We are her godparents.

In all the years she has lived with my parents, she has brought them great joy and great frustrations, as all children can. In the past year, the troubles have been mounting. After much discussion, debate, prayer and bureaucracy, she is moving to a residential home. Tomorrow morning. The program usually lasts six months to one year. My parents can visit her and, after a time, she will be allowed brief visits home.

Please pray for healing for my sister, strength for the battle that lies ahead, and always the knowledge that she is loved tremendously by her family and God. Pray also that she will find joy in her temporary home.

Please pray for my parents, who will have a truly empty home for the first time in over thirty years and who will tearfully have to leave their little girl for a time.

Please pray for the doctors and counselors, that they would find a path for my sister, not just for the next few months, but for the life that lies ahead.


  1. I will pray for your sister and all of your family. Since I used to work at a residential facility probably similar to the one your sister will be in, I am familiar with such programs. Will you e-mail me your sister's name?

  2. I am so sorry for the heartache, KM. I will pray God does a work in your sister's life that is truly a miracle!

  3. I am also sorry to hear this and will pray for her and your parents

  4. I'm here for you. My very biggest hugs to your mom and dad. And of course to your sis, who holds a special place in our hearts!!

  5. Thanks, ladies, for all the prayers! I made a mistake on the date and she's actually not going until tomorrow (Tuesday). My mom reports my sister is expecting it to be like sleep-away summer camp so she's probably facing a bit of a rude awakening in the next few days.

    They are very sure it's for the best, though.

  6. praying for the whole family.


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