Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some Range Wildflowers

I haven't been able to identify these. All the wildflower sites tell me it's a bluet, but the flower is definitely shaped differently. It's got that little whorl to it. It also seems like it might be bigger than a bluet, but I'm not sure how big the bluets are supposed to be. I like these little flowers, but I think the vines are growing up under our siding, so much if not all of it will have to go. You know, when we get around to it.

Above and below you can see some of our lovely Dame's Rocket. It's a wildflower that (I think) was originally planted purposely in a few places here on the Range but has spread a bit randomly. I think it's beautiful and plan to transplant it to some more appropriate places. If we have time.

Last, but not least, an evening primrose. These are even more plentiful in our neighbor's yard and absolutely striking when they're all open and facing the sunset in the evenings.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful. I love flowers, especially those that require minimal work.

  2. All our flowers currently require minimal work, or they wouldn't have survived the previous tenants (and the absence of tenants). The irises are particularly striking. I'm hoping to get some bulbs in the fall for daffodils and tulips. I just love early spring flowers! We have lots of flower seeds to plant, too, but I'm not sure how many of them we'll have time to actually get in the ground. Something about jobs and kids and lots of rain...


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